Flange Guard



For industries that use a variety of chemicals, security and safety concerns are quite high. As a owner, it is your duty to ensure that every possible measure is taken to make sure that your workers and anyone present close to the plant remains safe. Moreover, all operations are environment-friendly as well. Apart from other measures that exist in the market, one must also use Flange Guard in the pipelines that run through various parts of your production unit.


Whether it be a petrochemical plant or an oil and gas unit, a variety of gases and chemicals are produced all throughout the day. The substances pass from one sector of the unit to another till they are finally disposed of. This transit occurs via pipeline systems that connect the entire unit. Like all other pipelines, these too have several joints, valves, flanges, etc. where from the chemicals and gases may start leaking out. It is to prevent this leakage that a Flange Spray Shield is used.


Flange shields can come in a variety of forms like PP, SS, Teflon, Clear, etc. that can suit a variety of joints and requirements. As such these shields find usage in a number of heavy industries that form the base of the modern world. These shields are of high quality and come with excellent durability as well. They come with a number of advanced features and withstand heat up to quite a high temperature. Installing them in your production units can prevent leakages and unwanted situations that may be fatal.




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