Natural Beauty Tips


Perhaps you are worried about the number of synthetic, chemical ingredients listed in your beauty products and are looking for some Natural Beauty Tips. Or maybe you are an animal lover and want to avoid using products that are tested on animals and finding it difficult to source cruelty free products. There are also huge environmental concerns about the cosmetic and skincare industry both in the effects of the ingredients on wildlife and the amount of plastics used in their packaging. Whatever your reason for seeking out Natural Beauty Tips you will be relieved to find there is an alternative to mass-produced chemical laden beauty products. The solution is to cook up your own beauty products, which can be done easily and safely at home, often using just regular household ingredients that you may very well already have in your kitchen pantry. Even store cupboard staples such as oats, milk, lemon and honey have proven therapeutic and beauty enhancing properties, so you don’t need to fork out for exotic and luxury ingredients.


For Homemade Face Care there are literally thousands of possibilities. One quick and easy recipe for a natural moisturizing facemask is to mash up a ripe banana and mix with a teaspoon of warmed honey. This can be painted onto the face with a brush and then rinsed off after twenty minutes for a natural dose of anti-oxidants and moisture leaving a sparkling complexion. Alternatively, you can craft an exfoliating facial scrub using crushed rice made into a paste with water.