Kitchen Countertops



Bold vibrant colours, pastel hues, mixed textures, or industrial feel – whatever your idea of a dream kitchen – a kitchen remodel is one way to achieve the latest look and feel of a modern functional kitchen. Perhaps you have grand designs for a high-end kitchen but only a shoe-string budget. If this is the case instead of a complete renovation you should consider updating your tired looking kitchen surfaces. With modern StoneFleck spray techniques you can have a custom granite or Corian like surface over your countertops, tiles or even your sinks and basins.


Choosing to resurface your Kitchen Countertops rather than replacing them can save you thousands of pounds and the entire process is far less disruptive. With less mess, workmen and in most cases time, you can go straight back to using your kitchen the very next day. Resurfacing your kitchen countertops is the ideal solution whether you want to completely update the look of your kitchen, and replace tired, worn and outdated looking kitchen worktops; or if you need to replace your worktops due to damage such as chips, cracks, stains and scorch marks.


The method for resurfacing kitchen or bathroom surfaces is a somewhat complex, multiple step process but can be carried out in just a few hours by an experienced workman. First the surfaces to be treated are thoroughly prepared with a deep clean and then abrasive sanding to rough up the surface in order to allow the specialist epoxy primer to adhere and form a strong bond. At the same time the surrounding areas will be taped up and protected before the primer is then sprayed with the StoneFlecks coating. Through the magic of chemistry this will react with the epoxy to harden and form a strong bond and surface. In the final stage a high-gloss top coat is applied to seal the worktop and give a strong, durable finish. The specialist StoneFlecks coating gives a completely smooth and stone-like finish and feel – you can even add edge moulding or bevelling to disguise a squared off or laminate worktop (including any unsightly laminate joins) for the ultimate premium look at a budget friendly price.


As the formulation used was originally designed for use on satellites and other hard-wearing industries, you can be assured of an extremely durable and long-lasting finish. It is also extremely easy to clean and stain resistant, being non-porous. A 5-year warranty is issued in order to guarantee the pristine look of your worktops for many years. Even after expiry of the warranty you can always repair any countertop damage with a spot-repair with the same procedure.


Whether you are looking to update your Kitchen or interested in Bathroom Remodeling, Renew Resurfacing is a local Omaha business that can help reinvigorate your countertop surfaces. A family business, owned by Jim and Candy Work they combine craftmanship and design expertise with their experience and hard-working attitude to provide 100% customer satisfaction and ensure your resurfacing project exceeds your expectations with a high quality and long-lasting finish.