Hometown Hoodies



Do you like to support small town small businesses? Do you like to be able to contact them directly and speak to a live person who takes pride in the products they offer? Do you like to wear clothing that reflects your pride about living in your hometown, home state and this country? Hometown Hoodies is the place for you. Our company started by providing a quality product to a small town boutique in Appleton, Wisconsin. Our vision then grew exponentially from there. There was no stopping us. Our goal is to provide authentic, patriotic, quality sweatshirts and t-shirts that represent all 50 states. We want our customers to proudly display their pride for their hometown and home state by wearing our apparel.


We offer clothing for your whole family. We offer your home sweatshirt in colorblock, camo, solid colors, zip up and pullover styles. The handsome colorblock styles have color on the body with grey sleeves. This multi-color style provides exceptional accent and interest. The men’s shirts are tailored for men. The women’s shirts are tailored for women and the children’s shirts are tailored for children. For women, the shirts come with or without a hood. Women can also choose from one quarter zip styles. They feature kangaroo style pockets. They are designed to withstand everything an athlete trains for yet are beautiful enough to be worn in everyday life. There is a simple, understated, yet clear outline of your hometown state precisely centered on the front of all of the shirts. The colors of these shirts are vivid and accurately reflect what is shown on the website. The outline of your hometown state is very durable and long lasting. The colors of these items are bright and will not fade. Whatever your preference in a sweatshirt or t-shirt may be, you can get it and represent your home state with pride. You can even contact us for custom orders!



Whether a cool fall evening, after the sun goes down on a summer day or under your parka on a winter ski trip, these sweat shirts will keep you warm and dry. They are great for hiking, hanging or everything in between. They are well fitted yet comfortable. The tri-blend t-shirts are durable and made to withstand a rigorous day of hiking or sporting. The Tailgate Hoodie has special surprises. It features a built-in koozie and a bottle opener so you will never be left with a warm or unopened drink! These innovative shirts are great not only for tailgating but for campfire follies, camping and hiking. This is apparel of the highest quality made with patriotic love for all 50 of the United States of America. Further, you will be representing your favorite place every time you wear your hoodie or sweat shirt.


So visit the web site to join in this exciting trend of representing the places you love in these great United States. You will be glad you visited.

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