Pest Control Boulder



Are there creepy crawlers in your home? Do they scurry around at night keeping you from a sound sleep? Do you hear them in your attic or eaves? Have they even greeted you when you return from work at night just to give you a thorough scare? We are familiar with these creatures. They are the ever-so-invasive squirrels, raccoons, gophers and even worse, the larger pests and snakes. In Colorado, we love our wildlife, but don’t want to LIVE with them. We may be more accepting when on a backpacking trip and they visit our tent, but we do not want them in our homes. That is where The Animal Control Pest Specialists, Inc. (ACPS) come in. They are services of Pest Control Boulder and Denver providing humane pest removal service throughout the area.


In response to every call, we respond quickly and with professionalism. We love wildlife. Your pest problems will always be removed humanely and with the respect for the wildlife that all of us from Colorado share. We also recognize, however, that pests in the home can cause serious property damage and safety to our family. Diseases such as salmonella, rabies and tick born diseases can cause serious illness, loss of work and even death. Property damage can come from digging and borrowing. Squirrels, chipmunks, bats, bees and other wildlife can cause serious illness and property damage. If you have a pest problem, call the experts at Pest Control Boulder and Pest Control Denver. (ACPS). They will treat your home like their own and provide expert pest control services. Please visit our testimonial page to review referrals from homeowners that have had their pest control problems contained.

Bounce Houses for Sale



Bounce House Land! The home of the original commercial grade Bounce Houses for Sale. The leading and the most experienced manufacturer of the highest quality and trendiest designed bounce houses in the US. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Bounce House land now offers its loyal clientele with a huge range of commercial bounce houses including Hot Air Balloon Bounce House, Classic Castle Bounce House, Sports Bounce House, A Roof Castle, Castle Jump House etc. With Bounce House land you cannot go wrong. Our sales associates will help you find the right fit for you and ensure a smooth purchasing experience that caters to your requirements. now you have the option to customize your bounce houses with just small additional fee that allows you to print your own design and text on your bounce house. wait a minute! What about all the adults? Bounce House land now offers inflatable movie screens, basketball courts and a music down with all the musical equipment that is required to have fun along with the kids.

Our Commercial Bounce Houses for Sale are stitched with the highest quality thread and are fire resistant, and also lab tested to ensure our clients the highest quality of bounce houses. We also offer an extended warranty in case if anything goes wrong, which is highly unlikely. With so much experience in the industry over the years, we know exactly what our clients are looking for when they search for bounce houses in the market. Call us today and we can offer you extremely reasonable packages for your bounce house needs. Make your next party a fun and memorable event full of joy and laughter.