Sulfate Free Shampoo



Have you ever taken a cute bottle of shampoo and unscrewed the cap and smelled it? Of course you have! We all do this whenever we’re looking to buy a new product.  Packaging and scent are often the big deciding factors for people when choosing one bottle of haircare over another.  However, have you ever considered the ingredients?  Do you even know what many of them mean?  The beauty industry doesn’t exactly make it easy for us to understand what’s in the products we use.



Many people do not even realize that the adverse reactions or illness symptoms they are experiencing may be linked to the toxic ingredients in the cosmetic and hair care products they use every day. These potentially toxic ingredients are readily absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream.  For certain individuals, the products they’re using each day might be giving them eczema, rashes, hives, headaches or worse, might even be promoting cancers, disrupting their hormones and endocrine system without them even know it!


It’s quite difficult to find toxin free hair-care products that are effective, healthy and make you and your hair look fabulous. Ursula Johnson, RN the founder of Love This Hair products understood this dilemma which is why she created an alternative line of hair products years ago.  These healthy and sulfate free shampoo and other hair products will make your dry, frizzy and processed hair look amazing without all the questionable ingredients to make you concerned.

Anonymous Cryptocurrency



One of the main features people usually link to Bitcoin is anonymity, but the main question everyone asks, is bitcoin completely anonymous? On the one hand, it is entirely anonymous; on the other hand, it is completely transparent and trackable since all of the transactions are recorded in the public ledger where everyone has the access. Bitcoin is what you called pseudo-anonymous, sending and receiving bitcoins is like writing under a pseudonym, but in the world of bitcoin, the pseudonym is the address to which you receive bitcoin. In case, your address is somehow linked to your identity, it’s basically exposed. Since all transactions on Bitcoin network are recorded on the blockchain, people will now be able to know the amount of bitcoin you own on this address and which address has sent you money and which address you have sent the money. For example, if you’re requesting donations on your website with a specific bitcoin address, that address is no longer anonymous. So, what can you do to remain completely anonymous? First of all, it is wise to use a new bitcoin address for every transaction you conduct. This is a good start, although this won’t guarantee complete anonymity. This is due to the fact that if you use multiple inputs for a transaction and one these inputs comes from a compromised address then all of your addresses will now be exposed.

In order to take full advantage of anonymous cryptocurrency, you should use multiple bitcoin wallets. This can be done through tools like Multi-Bit, which allows you to manage several wallets from the same client. Also, you should always create a new address or change the former one in order to reduce chances of any privacy breach. If you’re not that much of a technical person then you should head over to Deep Onion website. Deep Onion does a remarkable job when it comes to untraceable cryptocurrency and keeping your identity safe. The main reason why Deep Onion has been able to hold such high reputation when comparing with other wallets in the market is that of their DeepVault. DeepVault stores all of your information in the core of the Blockchain that means all of your information cannot be breached or tampered with. Their another notable feature is the DeepSend, the main purpose of the DeepSend is to keep all the transactions untraceable therefore if any entity such as government or any other spying agency has been snooping around your finances they will be met with the ultimate defeat. DeepSend has been tested by various bitcoin experts and they all have given the positive feedback. In case, you want to learn more about the DeepOnion and how their system works then without wasting any time, head over to their website they have showcased all the necessary information on the front page. If you wish to ask some questions to the experts at DeepOnion, feel free to send them a message they will be happy to see you.